Perfect white sand underfoot, warmly welcoming water, and a laid-back, super-cool island vibe. Stunning coral bays, mountain peaks, and tropical rain-forests. Music, laughter and a certain exuberant pleasure in just being alive... all of these things are, it's perfectly true, common to almost every Caribbean island.


The island tends to be the most popular with holidaymakers due to the relatively short flight time of around 7-8 hours from the UK.  Barbados has a strong British colonial heritage and offers excellent accommodation and beaches along with world-class golf courses.  Any visitor should be sure to make a visit to the eastern point of Bathsheba where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean.



The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica offers a variety of landscape  ranging from narrow coastal plains to the impressive Blue Mountains in the east which act as a backdrop for this tropical island.  Jamaican culture is arguably the most typical of the Caribbean, vibrant music and fantastic cuisine epitomize all that’s good with region.


Saint Lucia

One of the Windward Islands, which is located where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Sea, resulting in dramatic volcanic landscape across the island.  The Piton Mountains rise up 950 m above sea level and the numerous national parks ensure that any adventure seekers on the island will not be disappointed.  Those who would rather relax with a rum punch cocktail can enjoy the pristine white sand beaches which are in an abundance on the island.



The island is similar to Saint Lucia in terms of topography and fantastic beach offerings.  The locals take great pride in boasting about their impressive 365 beaches, or one for every day of the year as they say.  Island life here is simple and carefree with excellent diving and a vibrant nightlife.


Weather in the Caribbean

Tourism is at its peak across the Caribbean in the winter months of Europe and North America. It is a classic escape from the dull and dreary weather that we have to endure. With this in mind, December through April is the common time to go, when humidity is low, rainfall minimal and the nights refreshingly cool.

If you are looking to keep the cost down and find a quieter resort then take a look at the summer and autumn but be aware that it is slightly warmer, a lot stickier and is prone to showers and heavy downpours. Keep in mind that June to November is hurricane season.


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