South Africa

South Africa has been hailed as a World In One Country. It does indeed posses some of the most awesome scenery, diverse wildlife and the richest mixes of culture found in Africa today. Setting standards for conservation, South Africa's national parks in the Mpumalanga and coastal areas offer visitors the chance to experience phenomenal wildlife and contrasting scenery.

Whether it's a leopard scouting for an impala or a turtle laying hundreds of eggs on a deserted beach in KwaZulu-Natal, there are many memorable exoperiences to be had. South Africa is also a country bursting with charm, sophistication and history. Just stroll down the golden beaches of Camps Bay or Clifton or relax on a vineyards verandah sipping crisp Chardonnay and enjoying a delicious meal.

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A subtropical location, moderated by ocean on three sides of the country and the altitude of the interior plateau, account for the warm temperate conditions so typical of South Africa - and so popular with its foreign visitors.


On the interior plateau the altitude - Johannesburg lies at 1 694 metres - keeps the average summer temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius. In winter, for the same reason, night-time temperatures can drop to freezing point, in some places lower. South Africa's coastal regions are therefore warmest in winter. There is, however, a striking contrast between temperatures on the country's east and west coasts, due respectively to the warm Agulhas and cold Benguela Currents that sweep the coastlines. Being in the southern hemisphere, our seasons stand in opposition to those of Europe and North America, so, yes - we spend Christmas on the beach.


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